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ISTJ - The Inspector

ISFJ - The Protector

INFJ - The Counselor

INTJ - The Mastermind

ISTP - The Craftsman

ISFP - The Composer

INFP - The Healer

INTP - The Architect

ESTP - The Dynamo

ESFP - The Performer

ENFP - The Champion

ENTP - The Visionary

ESTJ - The Supervisor

ESFJ - The Provider

ENFJ - The Teacher

ENTJ - The Commander

INFJ - The Counselor

I = Introvert; N = Intuitive; F = Feeling; J = Judging; What the personality type “Counselor” means? The personality type INFJ is often called Counselor or Confident. They have complex personalities. They are gentle and caring with strong intuition. Believe it or not, these are the most-rare of all the personality types in the world. Only one percent of the population is recognized as INFJ personality type. They do focus more on fantasy than reality. The most important thing is INFJs are devoted to what they do believe and therefore they continually seek only those types of work where their needs, ideals and values can be successfully fulfilled. They like the team-working, but only when the others are equally or more dedicated to reach the goal. Some job positions recognized as most-likely to be INFJs are Actor, Artist, Alternative Medicine, Church Worker, Human Resources, Musician, Photographer, Psychiatrist, Trainer, Teacher/Professor. Key-words for the personality type INFJ – Counselor: Protector: Reserved, Practical, Devoted, Organized, Unassuming, Traditional, Caring, Methodical, Thoughtful, Observant, Kind, Dedicated, Calm, Factual, Principled, Persistent.

Personality Type INFJ - The Counselor

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