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ISTJ - The Inspector

ISFJ - The Protector

INFJ - The Counselor

INTJ - The Mastermind

ISTP - The Craftsman

ISFP - The Composer

INFP - The Healer

INTP - The Architect

ESTP - The Dynamo

ESFP - The Performer

ENFP - The Champion

ENTP - The Visionary

ESTJ - The Supervisor

ESFJ - The Provider

ENFJ - The Teacher

ENTJ - The Commander

ESTP - The Dynamo

E = Extrovert; S = Sensing; T = Thinking; P = Perceiving; What the personality type “Dynamo” means? The personality type ESTP is often called Dynamo or Persuader. They are action-loving personalities. ESTPs are risk-taking, fast-paced and really adaptable. You can easily recognize them by their friendly and enthusiastic faces. Dynamos are extreme realists and in the same time so vivid. When they are present, the things begin to happen – you can almost feel the positive energy flowing in the air. They like to read, they are fearless and in the same time they can handle criticism. They want to make things happen – they want to happen now, they want to happen fast. Some job positions recognized as most-likely to be ESTPs are Agent, Auditor, Craftsman, Comedian, Laborer, Military, Marketer, Network Specialist, Project Manager, Police, Sales representative. Key-words for the personality type ESTP – Dynamo: Outgoing, Hands-on, Logical, Responsive, Friendly, Practical, Objective, Spontaneous, Engaging, Observant, Pragmatic, Adaptable, Energetic, Physical, Outspoken, Adventurous.

Personality Type ESTP - The Dynamo

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