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ISTJ - The Inspector

ISFJ - The Protector

INFJ - The Counselor

INTJ - The Mastermind

ISTP - The Craftsman

ISFP - The Composer

INFP - The Healer

INTP - The Architect

ESTP - The Dynamo

ESFP - The Performer

ENFP - The Champion

ENTP - The Visionary

ESTJ - The Supervisor

ESFJ - The Provider

ENFJ - The Teacher

ENTJ - The Commander

ESFP - The Performer

E = Extrovert; S = Sensing; F = Feeling; P = Perceiving; What the personality type “Performer” means? The personality type ESFP is often called Performer or Entertainer. They are really cooperative personalities and enjoy the adventurous life. They hate to be alone and they always seek the center of attention. On the other hand they do have a strong practical side and they can handle tough problems. They believe the entire world is a stage. They make others happy. ESFPs like parties and love playing to an audience. They are group orientated and smiled individuals. Some job positions recognized as most-likely to be ESFPs are Actor, Coach, Child Care, Fashion Designer, Interior Decorator, Musician, Painter, Photographer, Receptionist, Supervisor, Social Worker, Scientist, Trainer, Technical Specialist. Key-words for the personality type ESFP – Performer: Enthusiastic, Down-to-earth, Warm, Playful, Friendly, Practical, Expressive, Spontaneous, Lively, Observant, Expressive, Responsive, Vivacious, Sensual, Personable, Casual.

Personality Type ESFP - The Performer

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